What are the advantages of MyGallerybay?

The most important advantage is that you get to show your work to a very big audience, for a very limited cost. Visibility is much higher than on a private website, and creating a MyGallerybay page is much easier and cheaper than building a private website.

Why use MyGallerybay for selling my work, instead of an auction site?

On auction sites, your exposure is limited in time, and stops when the auction is over. On MyGallerybay, you work can stay visible as long as you prefer, and you decide yourself to whom and for what price you sell.

How can I display my work on the homepage of the website?

You can get your work on the homepage, and get optimum visibility, by using the showcase option. You can buy showcase credits, and use them to keep your work on the homepage during 1 month.

Why is MyGallerybay better than my own website?

MyGallerybay is not better, but different. You will exhibit on the biggest on-line art Gallery, so you will get much more visibility through your MyGallerybay. And off course, through MyGallerybay your own website will get much easier found.

Can I use MyGallerybay for free?

Yes, you can create your own page and display 1 work for free.

Can I sell on MyGallerybay?

You can display the price of your work, and get in contact with interested buyers. MyGallerybay, however, will not interfere in the process of selling your work.

Why use MyGallerybay and not a real gallery?

Displaying your work in a real gallery, only offers limited visibility. MyGallerybay is the most efficient channel to show your work to the right public. And off course, at the same time, your work can be shown in a normal gallery.